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Paws & Hands ondersteunt u bij het verbeteren van uw echte potentieel door u te begeleiden bij het luisteren naar de wolf binnenin uzelf.

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Looking through the eyes of the pack
In Wolfdog Assisted Coaching, you follow a path through your coaching question together with me and one (or more) of my wolfdogs, and receive the purest feedback from them. Wolfdogs are much closer to nature than other dogs, and for them, balance in life and in their pack is fundamental for survival, and through this knowledge they can support you in understanding your place within the pack. 
Can you take a place in your pack?  

People approach me with the following questions:

"I find very hard to say NO to others"

"I struggle to make choices for myself"

"I would like to let things go easier"

"I am too hard on myself"

"I am in constant conflict with my family and/or my partner"

Or with the following themes:

- Improve self-esteem

- Improve performance at work

- Improve self-confidence

- Develop further leadership skills

- Feel in peace with myself

- Be able to set limits 

- Dedicate more time to myself 

- To be more vulnerable

- I do not want to hurt others, so I try to please them

- I am not good enough



Are you currently facing a situation or a feeling which somehow obstacles you to move forward in your personal or professional life, and would you like to know if I can mean something for you? Feel free to contact me


Wolfdog Assisted Coaching

A Coaching method purely based on experiencing 

Life Coaching

Improving personal and professional life's performance

Nature Coaching

Based on feeling the environment around you with all your senses 

Group's Coaching

Are you a company or an organisation? Group Coaching can support you on achieving balance.

There are no events planned at the moment
Location is TBD