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Paws & Hands ondersteunt u bij het verbeteren van uw echte potentieel door u te begeleiden bij het luisteren naar de wolf binnenin uzelf.

Group Coaching

A strong pack is a united pack. 

Every organisation, small or big, is like a pack. It has different components with different roles. Each one responsible for their tasks. This division of tasks can sometimes bring several communication and efficiency problems. Each one thinks about their task, but what about the organisation as whole? What does it need? What are you willing to do for the company? A pack moves together. Without harmony and balance within it, survival might be critical.  There are so many aspects and details to take care of, that sometimes the own core of an organisation (its people), can be forgotten, or ignored, or excluded. Are you a leader or a boss? How do you lead? what kind of colleague are you? Are you a team player or do you think that you are? 

Within Group Coaching, the group dynamics of the organisation are observed and put into practice. Activities are all realised within groups and subgroups, there is a lot of action and brainstorming. A dog (or more) can be used in the sessions, to give your team an even more straightforward feedback.