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Paws & Hands ondersteunt u bij het verbeteren van uw echte potentieel door u te begeleiden bij het luisteren naar de wolf binnenin uzelf.

Life Coaching

As leaves, we are born attached to a base with many roots, a tree (our family). This tree, in one way or another, shapes us. with time, we start developing our own shape, own color, own texture. But also, we develop several small branches within ourselves. Some are thicker than others. Those branches are experiences we lived, memories we have, scars from our lives (physical or psychological). 

Eventually we let go of our tree and we start wondering off by ourselves in the big world. Sometimes being carried around by the wind and sometimes settling down in a cozy space. Actually, we can end up anywhere, and there are times in which we might want to go somewhere else, or move forward, but something is stopping us. That "something" can be any kind of obstacle, which might influence our growth and development in our personal and professional lives. 

In Life Coaching, I work with the client's question's and doubts about his or her performance in his or her life. It can be anything which that is somehow not making the client feel fulfilled, except from psychological disorders. There is something behind that feeling of non-fulfilment, or there is something which is happening now or that still needs to happen, making you feel this way. 

During a Life Coaching session, I talk with you through your question and/or feeling by mainly asking questions. The session focuses on the question that you bring to me, and like a leaf, it can end up anywhere. Sometimes we cannot see it, but there are much deeper layers around us which we cannot immediately be aware about, but they are or can be connected to our current situation.