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Paws & Hands ondersteunt u bij het verbeteren van uw echte potentieel door u te begeleiden bij het luisteren naar de wolf binnenin uzelf.

Nature Coaching

  • By spending 30 minutes per week in nature, the cases of depression reduce of 7% and the cases of high blood pressure reduce of 9%

  • After interacting with nature for 1 hour, memory performance and attention spans rises of 20%

  • A 90 minutes' walk on a piece of grassland can alter neural activity and develop more positive thoughts

These are just three of the many benefits that nature can bring to us. Not everyone has easy access to nature (maybe too far away and time wise they don't manage to reach it; or it is too dangerous where they live; or they have other priorities). There are different reasons people give themselves not to spend a little time in contact with nature. Another positive aspect about being with nature is that it helps people become more mindful, more present in the present, in the here and now. It seems very simple to be present, but have you ever asked yourself how often are you fully present WITH YOURSELF? How often do you dedicate time FOR YOURSELF, and not your thoughts, memories or plans? How often do you stop everything you are doing to give yourself, your body and mind a break? 

Nature Coaching is not only powerful for allowing you to be 100% in contact with yourself but it can also give you that extra contact and benefits that only nature has to offer. The sessions are mainly happening in natural environments and all activities and assignments are somehow related to nature as well. A dog (or more) can be present during these sessions (even your own dog, if you like), to make all this experience even more unique. There is less talking, and more looking, more listening, more feeling, more touching, more smelling. Nature Coaching is an opportunity which you can give yourself to be truly present in the here and now and to live the moment.